There are many things here, perhaps some of them might even be useful. :) Here they are, in no particular order...


    Despite better judgement and common sense, the organizers of the 2005 Linux Symposium accepted my proposal to give a talk on a Python module I designed designed and wrote with Paul Osman to facilitate access to a comprehensive online data resource called SeqHound. Fortunately, the talk was nothing like a typical Vogon poetry reading, and no casualties resulted. Download and info page is here - enjoy!


    PORTENT is my attempt at a comprehensive personal information organization system. Based on PHP/PostGreSQL, it takes advantage of certain aspects of Mozilla Firefox to facilitate management of bookmarks and todo items.

    Currently, it also understands the notion of 'person', and can track birthdays over the current and following month. Code will be made available once the remainder of the 'person' data (address book, phone numbers, dates, etc) and date tracking works better. Or you bug me enough.

    One caveat at this point, PORTENT is a single-user system, and needs some work to allow it to be a group-aware or at least group-safe set up.


    Increasingly, F/OSS applications are ported to non-free systems like MS Win. Keeping track of software releases from projects like Gnumeric, AbiWord, GIMP, and others can take considerable time. The PFSDW (Penultimate Free Software Distribution for Windows) back end uses Python scripts and PostGreSQL stored procedures to detect releases.

    The system was working prior to a machine compromise but appears to have been affected as a result of the recovery. It will be placed here at some point after my workplace moves. Or you bug me enough.

FireFox Plugins

    I have a bunch of FireFox search plugins written for various farious and nefarious purposes inside and outside of work. I will post these here soon.


    KOTE, the Kendo Online Tournament Editor, was an idea to help automate communication and scoring at Kendo tournaments via web and database integration, addressing planning, communication, and organization issues throughout the tournament process.

    The project is basically deprecated at this point, mostly fallen into bitrot due to neglect. For now.